The Transformation of Pine Meadows: Stage 2

So far the construction effort has been progressing at a good rate. New dry-wall is completely in place as well as almost all of the paint for the four buildings set to be open in the fall of 2012. Bathrooms and kitchens are taking form as only ovens, fridges and running water need to be installed. All four buildings set to open in the fall are on schedule to be completely finished within the next few weeks.

What has really impressed me in the construction effort is the new paving that has taken place in the past week. At first I was skeptical about the accessibility the apartments would have to the rest of the campus. Over the past week two new walkways have been added allowing for fairly direct paths to the Degenstein Campus Center (Location of the Dining Hall) and academic row. In addition to the walkways, a road has been paved to connect the parking lot of the 18th Street Commons to the parking lot of the Science Building and North Hall.

Here are a few pictures:


Above: New driveway (looking at science building and North Hall)


Above: New driveway (looking towards 18th Street Commons)


Above: Walkway to Degenstein Campus Center


4 Comments to “The Transformation of Pine Meadows: Stage 2”

  1. Jimi,

    Great idea, thanks so much for doing this!


  2. This is awesome thanks so much! I can’t wait for pics of the inside!

  3. Hey Jimi, this is good stuff! thanks for the postings and thanks also for the work that is leading to the postings.

    –Ron Cohen

  4. Very well done. Thanks for your hard work and for helping us get the word out!

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